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I Remember is a digital mixed media collage. Copyright © Michele Jackson. All Rights Reserved. 

Michele Jackson is an artist and a priestess. 

Turning the Soil By Oshanna Kealoha



Turning the Soil

Stirring the brew, digging deep, tending to what’s underneath.

Releasing the tendency to linger in surface distractions & agonize over agitation.I prioritize self-care- I become more aware of how deep my roots reach & what needs to be unearthed so new growth can be planted & flourish.

Letting the chaos settle I surrender my tender heart that feels torn apart by grief, shame, anger & hate. I cannot replace the parts I play with new or refurbished pieces if I cling with stubbornness to old roles, thought patterns & ways of being. Inviting in understanding of the wounds, the pain, the negative self-talk and harmful actions that stem from once needed protective mechanisms that now weigh me down like heavily rusted armor that no longer moves freely.

I set down my armor. I vow to not rebuild my walls that kept me apart & separate, nor shut & lock the gate but remain open, devoted, inspired to learn, to teach, to share. My mind is fertile, my work is vital for the healing of myself, my ancestral lineage, and the ones yet to come- the not yet embodied spirits.

I landscape my inner world so it can be more sustainable. I employ the principles of permaculture and let the land work me. I create a sense of interdependence. The journey never ends & here I am, gathering courage to face my greatest fears. The most uncomfortable feelings. The shadows that once scared me have become my friend- the dark silence a sweet invitation to experience the full spectrum of human emotion.

I concoct a potion in my simmering cauldron that can wash down the bitterness of this existence deep into the belly where it swishes & mixes with stomach acids & becomes neutralized. I pull out everything from the medicine cabinet and see what is still useful, what has lost (or perhaps gathered more) potency. What is spoiled and rotten. What has turned and needs to be discarded, let go of, returned into the earth.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Here I am feeling betrayed, lied to & stewing in my own injustice of not listening to myself, not speaking up more loudly… Yet still, I trust in the healing journey, in the potent medicine oft contained in bitterness.

I Let go of resentments & regrets, I focus on the beautiful things that will one day be, grow again in my inner garden. I stay present with the hard work of uncovering, rediscovering, & weeding away so the path to gratitude, forgiveness, & reconciliation becomes clear. Cleaning up the mess made from uprooting stubbornly clinging roots that were choking out tender shoots ready to push through tough topsoil into the crisp air. I cannot take the path if it is overgrown and untended. Seeds that have lain dormant have now exploded, opened by the intense heat of passion. I am ready to bloom where I’m planted. I cannot take a pill to cure what ails me- I must keep tending this dis-ease. I make friends with discomfort & pain so they will tell me their stories over the crackling firelight & underneath the starry sky. Honoring what we let go of thrice; for the ways it has served, where it has come from & what it may be making room for.

I am here

ready to unearth what has been holding me back

ready to shed the tears that will moisten the ground & allow the hardness to crack open

for the ground to give way to change.

I am here

To honor the season’s cycle; from fertile to flowering to fruiting to fallow.

Smell the sweet scents, the blossoming stench of the souring fruits.

Here I am

In a place that feels like home & I start to remember that home is something I carry with me. Home is not just a distant memory, a faraway place from which we came. It is a living breathing sensation of love.

There is a place inside myself touched with madness that just wants to find a place to rest, to let down my guards, to be fully authentic. Present. Accepted.

Why do I let some situations, peoples or places sway me away from this pure love?

I place my awareness on how I can harness the best focal point for remaining in that state of love, gratitude, abundance & so much presence. Self-care & deep acceptance.

We are a coven. We practice casting spells. We make epic altars and offerings to honor the wheels turning. We tend spaces & each other’s hearts. We all play our part in making the magic happen. So much sweetness becomes available when we’re able to drop in- be tender, authentic, raw & real. It’s a good fucking deal to be here. To be at home…

I tend to the forgotten corners of myself. I rotate my facing & am able to see my own challenges & mess in a new light. It has not been easy, but as the moon swells & hides beneath the stormy sky, I’ve come to realize how much fear, has made me not feel here.

So here I am

Mustering up the courage to be more deeply embodied, to carry the feeling of safety with me in all of my journeys. Relating with ease. Being able to just be.

My existence is on purpose. I am worth it! I invest in tending & mending the dusty, disregarded items. The worn out thought patterns that are like un-matched socks with holes in them, ready to be discarded for they have long since outlived their usefulness.

I’m not afraid, I’m ready to be free. To be me, to safely fly, to soar in the night sky.

Whether I have a broomstick, my astral body or I sprout wings right out of my back…

So it is

So mote it be

I am free, I am free, I am free


Oshanna Kealoha is an avid lover of nature and animals. She has been interested in magical explorations of the world for as long as she can remember. She aims to bring beauty into the world in all that she does and is devoted to the pursuit of creative expression and living an authentic life. Oshanna is a returning student with a focus on studying movement, psychology, and religious studies. She plans to become a somatic therapist and wants to work with survivors of sexual trauma. Dance and writing are her main outlets of processing and navigating through the world.

INTERIM By MariJo Moore




Come visit me 
Spirit of Solitude
for today 
there is snow
softly and pleasantly falling
filling the woods with a quality

of freshness and renewal.
No work today
only time
gentle time
spent alone with all of creation
and time

gentle time
always comes with
an essence of healing.
Come visit me
Spirit of Solitude
warm yourself at my fire

for today 
there is snow
softly and pleasantly falling
in gentle time
with an essence of healing.

Copyright © 2018 MariJo Moore.  All Rights Reserved.

MariJo Moore, of Cherokee, Irish and Dutch ancestry is an author/ artist/ poet/ essayist/ lecturer/ editor/ anthologist/ publisher/ workshop presenter/ spiritual advisor/medium. 

I am the Fifth Wind



I am the fifth wind
I am here, here, and here
Ebb tide
Dark moon
I pull the roots down deeper
Yank with my teeth
Hunt down sickness in its hiding place
Stop lying
I will level the village
Wearing fire for a skirt
I bathe in the dust
Dancing counter clockwise
Don’t follow me where I go
You, The Dead cannot trouble me
For I am the blue deer
And can capture all your medicine
From my mouth comes the fog
Lightning born
I gather the waste and remove it
Yerba Santa and Grindilia
          combined is my Medicine

Copyright © 2015 Jolaoso Pretty Thunder.  All Rights Reserved.

first appeared in Community of Writers’ Café

A poem I wrote.

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front & back of my new notebooks 🌸🍃😌

My favs

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Mushroom and Garlic Saute / Recipe

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Harald Sohlberg
Winter Night in the Mountains

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Sisters by Sharon Elliott



Sisters of the long grass

Sisters of the crashing sea

Sisters of the short skirt

Sisters of the hurricane

we are all daughters

birth the world

behind eyes

Sisters of the tall talk

no darkness reigns

simply the unseen

shaking feathers

Sisters of the sharp smile


Cannabis Corn Syrup by Jolaoso Pretty Thunder



Many people choose not to smoke their cannabis, preferring instead to consume it, especially those with COPD and other lung issues. Making hard candy is a great alternative. It’s portable, discreet and pretty easy to dial in your dosage. The main thing you need to make candy or cough drops…

Nourishing our Health Through Winter by Rachael ‘Spatula’ Henrichsen


imageAs the weather grows cold, and in many places more damp, we must keep a keen eye on our digestive fire, to keep our bodies feeling their best in this cold season. Soups and warming herbs play a key role in keeping our immune systems strong as well. Shifting the diet to include more cooked food…

The Elders Have Sighed by Adwoa Tacheampong


Stiffening limbs try to carry a weary body
Tired Eyes slope downward on the road to sadness
Feelings over come might
The elders have sighed

Scanning lightly over the plain
Watching children plunge
Wrinkled hands, tremble with strain
The elders have sighed


Creating Peace and Healing by Darasia Selby-Adebisi



I give thanks to the orisas and the ancestors. The World Peace and Healing Initiative of December 2014, the brainchild of Baba Miguel “Willie” Ramos, a renowned priest and oriate in the Lukumi tradition, could not have been inspired and implemented at a better time. The recent cases…

The Border, Ferguson, Gaza, and the Endless War (Part 2) by Odilia Galvan Rodriguez



When I wrote the first part of this article a few months ago little did we know that the police and paramilitary forces, and those who condone their actions, would up their abuses all over the globe. The US courts have escalated this nation’s outrage by coming back with not very surprising…

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Secret city design tricks manipulate your behaviour

When Selena Savic walks down a city street, she sees it differently to most people. Whereas other designers might admire the architecture, Savic sees a host of hidden tricks intended to manipulate our behaviour and choices without us realising – from benches that are deliberately uncomfortable to sculptures that keep certain citizens away.

Modern cities are rife with these “unpleasant designs”, says Savic, a PhD student at the Ecole Polytechnique Federerale de Lausanne in Switzerland, who co-authored a book on the subject this year. Once you know these secret tricks are there, it will transform how you see your surroundings. “We call this a silent agent,” says Savic. “These designs are hidden, or not apparent to people they don’t target.” Are you aware of how your city is manipulating you?

In 1999, the UK opened a Design Against Crime research centre, and authorities in Australia and the US have since followed suit. Many of the interventions these groups pioneered are familiar today: such as boundary marks painted around cashpoints to instil an implied privacy zone and prevent “shoulder surfing”.

San Francisco, the birthplace of street skateboarding, was also the first city to design solutions such as “pig’s ears” – metal flanges added to the corner edges of pavements and low walls to deter skateboarders. These periodic bumps along the edge create a barrier that would send a skateboarder tumbling if they tried to jump and slide along.

Indeed, one of the main criticisms of such design is that it aims to exclude already marginalised populations such as youths or the homeless. Unpleasant design, Savic says, “is there to make things pleasant, but for a very particular audience. So in the general case, it’s pleasant for families, but not pleasant for junkies.”

Preventing rough sleeping is a recurring theme. Any space that someone might lie down in, or even sit too long, is likely to see spikes, railings, stones or bollards added. In the Canadian city of Calgary, authorities covered the ground beneath the Louise Bridge with thousands of bowling ball-sized rocks. This unusual landscaping feature wasn’t for the aesthetic benefit of pedestrians walking along the nearby path, but part of a plan to displace the homeless population that took shelter under the bridge.

So next time you’re walking down the street, take a closer look at that bench or bus shelter. It may be trying to change the way you behave.


I remember about 25 years ago reading an article that claimed that the landscaping of UT Austin had been changed in the 1970s and 1980s to better facilitate riot and protest control, including the erection of lots of labyrinthine retaining walls.

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